The Agile Methodology

We always adhere to the Manifesto for Agile Sofware Development which stresses the importance of individuals and interactions, of collaboration, responding to chage and producing working software that has value for your business

We Work in sprints

We plan work in intervals called Sprints, which are usually two weeks long.we work closely with you to plane which features to inlude in defelopment and how to implement them. We strive to deliver a testable piece of work at every sprint.

75% Projects Become Outdated

According to The Chaos Report(2018).half of the requirements in IT projects become outdated within six months and 75% within a ear. It’s one of the reasons why the Agile approach makes IT projects twice as likely to succeed and bring business value.

We Area Remote Capable

We Have developed and honed the capalibity to run all project parctices, such as project Retrospective,Lightning Decision Jam or even a complete Design Sprint, in full remote mode. We are slilled in usign online tools, which support us in effectively econducting events in geographically distributed teams.


We developed our culture here with a remote-first approach in mind. Our team members naturally and effectively communicate and collaborate in projects using tools such a slack, Google Meet, Zoom, Jira and Candly. We are also to recruit top talent from all parts of the country and build high performing project teams

We Maintain Standars

Our Tools

We use a range of top productivity tools and services to facilitate product development. These include Amazon Web Services, Strip, Auth0, Contentful, and more.

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