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After a few years sharing projects and working together with Hasan, I can honestly say he is a person you certainly want to have in your team. I relied on him leading a team of talented people, who carried out very important projects. And he never let me down. He is always there. There is a big difference between a vendor who executes a job for money; and another one who puts his heart on what he is doing to deliver the best he can create. Personally I choose the second because it is the way I like to do things. And Hasan showed me that same attitude towards work. He is well prepared, flexible, receptive to criticism and eager to always give the best of himself. I hope I can enjoy many more years of business cooperation with him.

Vicente Ariza Alcalde / Business Owner, Shetu Consultancy & Innovation

229 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018, USA.

Riajbag, Road-6, Rampura, Dhaka – 1219, Bangladesh.