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A Few Clients We have Worked With

At the heart of our mission lies a rewarding experience – witnessing the success and genuine smiles on our clients' faces. This profound satisfaction fuels our dedication and reminds us that every milestone achieved together is a milestone for us as well.

Hi, I am Alicia D'Amico. I am the Acting Deputy Commissioner of general services in the Orange County Government. I wanted to send and extend a hardy thank you to Read More...

Alicia D’Amico / Director, Operations at Orange County Government Center, USA

I had the pleasure of working with Hasan since 2018 for establishing our enterprise IoT platform and a suite of IoT APP products. Hasan led his team to quickly understand Read More...

Marshal Pang / Executive Coach, Co-Active Training Institute

当社の社内 IT-VR (バーチャルリアリティ) プロジェクトの 1 つは、シャディンラブの代表取締役のハサンさんと彼のチーム メンバーによって完了させて頂きました。 このプロジェクトのリードタイムは12 っ月間の予定でした。 しかし、締め切り前にプロジェクトをデリバリーされました。 プロジェクト全体を通して、私が彼に感じたのは、非常に正直で、率直で、時間厳守で、リスクを取ることを楽しみ、そしてコミュニケーション能力が高いということでした。 ハサンさんの働き方や性格は日本の企業文化によく合っていると思います。 彼は日本語を話せませんが、日本のビジネス文化について非常に良い常識を持っていると思います。 彼は間違いなく信頼できるので、近い将来一緒に仕事をするつもりです。 彼と一緒に仕事をしたい人がいたら、ハサンさんを強くお勧めします。

Emdad HOQ / Executive Search Firm

After a few years sharing projects and working together with Hasan, I can honestly say he is a person you certainly want to have in your team. I relied on Read More...

Vicente Ariza Alcalde / Business Owner, Shetu Consultancy & Innovation

Shadhin Lab LLC knows how to run a tight ship. They're like clockwork, always delivering what's promised, right on the money. And when it comes to tech, these folks don't Read More...

Ataul Goni Osmani / Country Director, CodersTrust Bangladesh

I had the pleasure of working closely with Shadhin on a recent project, and I am absolutely delighted to share my experience. From the outset, it was clear that Shadhin Read More...

Shikdar Maruf Yazdani / Senior Manager, Enterprise Solutions

Shadhin lab did an incredible job for us, great communication, quick to resolve problems. That's the second job that they made us accomplish 100% what we need.

Lais Amaral

Very good work and very kind to interact with. Definitely recommended.


I loved the way Shadhin Lab tried and they really tried to solve a critical problem which is almost impossible to solve but they made good progress with that. They Read More...


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