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Alumni Association Management

Shadhin Lab helps large organizations to migrate and develop new application solutions to leverage cloud-native technology.

The main purpose of this web application is to organize and support alumni pupils to communicate, make connections, threading and blog posting to record the health condition of the employees, who have to register into the application and will provide their health information. It will help the organization to trace employees’ health conditions in a covid situation.


The Challenge

OLsA, the alumni association of Govt. Laboratory High School is looking forward to a solution for their students and alumni to publish information about various events. This solution must support different types of user groups, for example, teachers, executives (elected and selected), members (alumni), and (current) students. Users of this application are able to log in with their own social media account without registering themselves, though they also can do individual registration using their own email and phone number. Payment option is mandatory for membership, eCommerce-shop & to pay various fees from online.


The Solution

We, Shadhin Lab, have developed an AWS Cloud-based solution founded on AWS Serverless architecture. We prefer AWS cloud services to get leverage over auto-escalation facilities to onboarding users. It is a highly scalable, robust and easily manageable solution. We heeded AWS DevOps service architecture — the CI/CD (continuous integration continuous delivery) — as accomplishing the modifications/add new components into the ready solution can be feasible to release exactly in a day.


Additionally, The Gartner Research positions AWS in the Leaders quadrant of the new 2020 Magic Quadrant under Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services (CIPS). CIPS, in the context of this Magic Quadrant, is defined as “standardized, highly automated offerings, in which infrastructure resources (e.g., compute, networking and storage) are complemented by integrated platform services.” The solution will be flexible, so, the chance to be agile and modify the requirement as needed by technology changes.


In addition, the OLsA associates are spread globally, this solution will be scalable globally and will be capable to conform to any country with the payment processing, the SMS solution and additional applicable notifications if those are unrestricted.


During constructing the architectural design for this solution, we mainly used a few AWS-managed services even AWS Serverless products. The core processes of this application are based on CloudFront, Lambda, APIGateway, AMplify, Certificate Manager, Route53, CloudWatch, EventBridge, CodeGuru and more. AWS Serverless is a practice to describe the services, techniques, and strategies that facilitate building more friendly agile applications for that, it can innovate and respond to the changes faster.


Some tasks related to infrastructure management like capacity provisioning and patching are maintained directly by AWS which helps to minimize human operation costs. And we can concentrate on only writing code that conforms to the customers. On the other hand, serverless services like AWS Lambda come with automatic scaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-for-value billing model. Lambda is an event-driven compute service that enables you to run code in response to events from over 150 natively integrated AWS and SaaS sources – all without managing any servers.


This solution is designed based on Serverless technology where different AWS services are used for different purposes.


  1. For compute, we are using Lambda
  2. Lambda & API Gateway is the main core service for Serverless technology in AWS.
  3. Amplify framework will manage backend as well as frontend and DynamoDB used for the database.
  4. AppSync is a GraphQL managed service and GraphQL is a query language.
  5. To authenticate employees, the AWS Cognito service will be used and DynamoDB will be used for storing data.
  6. Event bridge will be used for scheduling everyday reminder emails and SES will be used for sending other email notifications.
  7. IAM service will be used to handle the outside users’ access permission to AWS accounts. Email-related work will be handled through the SAM template.


AWS Service used for this system:

  • IAM
  • Cognito
  • SES
  • EventBridge
  • DynamoDB
  • GraphQL
  • Amplify
  • Lambda
  • API Gateway
  • SAM


Business Benefits Achieved for the Customer


Compliance Achieved

The security and reliability of the AWS platform allow the customer to enable several thousand businesses to adhere to industry regulations through an improved system process. AWS Cognito service handles authorized users to log in to the system which improves the security.


Scalability of Cloud

Using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway service which helps to auto-scaling, the customer need not worry to scale their systems to match the demand. This ensures that the applications can always meet demand, while the customer only pays for what they need.


Project start end months

January’21 – February’21

229 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018, USA.

Riajbag, Road-6, Rampura, Dhaka – 1219, Bangladesh.