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Introducing Shadhin Lab, your Cloud-Native & Gen-Ai solution partner.

Committed to Client Obsessed Innovation, Shadhin Lab specializes in providing comprehensive cloud-native/serverless solution development. Our focus is on optimising cloud costs, increasing revenue while enhancing performance, all to elevate the customer experience.

Trusted by Founders at 25+ Companies, including

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Unleash the Power of AWS

AWS Migrations

Transition to AWS Cloud and experience a new level of scalability.

Serverless Solutions

Unleash the potential of serverless architecture and revolutionize your applications.

AWS Cost Optimization

Supercharge your cost-saving efforts with our expert guidance.

Gen-Ai Solutions

Significantly increase profit of your business and make it future proof by Gen-Ai.

Who We Are

We embrace a Culture of Innovation centered around client obsession.

Shadhin Lab stands as an affectionate haven, drawing in the hearts of thousands of customers spanning the entire world. Its magnetic appeal transcends geographical boundaries, embracing a diverse multitude from various industries, all united by their quest for knowledge and innovation. With an unwavering focus on client satisfaction, Shadhin Lab has become a cherished destination where individuals and professionals alike find inspiration, insights, and a sense of fulfillment.

Passionate at AWS Serverless AWS Consulting Partner

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Our services span across diverse categories, encompassing education, communication, and transportation among others.

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Our Solutions

We offer a range of distinct products, such as the examples below, designed to enhance productivity for some and bring joy to others' lives.


Preferred by a growing number of valued Customers.

Shadhin Lab has captured the hearts of countless customers across the globe, becoming a beloved choice for individuals and organizations alike. Its widespread popularity is a testament to the exceptional value it provides. Moreover, the company's reputation extends even further as it secures the trust and partnership of prominent corporations. This mutual reliance signifies Shadhin Lab's profound impact and credibility in both consumer and business spheres, fostering a reputation that resonates on a global scale.

Passionate at AWS Serverless AWS Consulting Partner

Hi, I am Alicia D'Amico. I am the Acting Deputy Commissioner of general services in the Orange County Government. I Read More...

Alicia D’Amico / Director, Operations at Orange County Government Center, USA

I had the pleasure of working with Hasan since 2018 for establishing our enterprise IoT platform and a suite of Read More...

Marshal Pang / Executive Coach, Co-Active Training Institute

当社の社内 IT-VR (バーチャルリアリティ) プロジェクトの 1 つは、シャディンラブの代表取締役のハサンさんと彼のチーム メンバーによって完了させて頂きました。 このプロジェクトのリードタイムは12 っ月間の予定でした。 しかし、締め切り前にプロジェクトをデリバリーされました。 プロジェクト全体を通して、私が彼に感じたのは、非常に正直で、率直で、時間厳守で、リスクを取ることを楽しみ、そしてコミュニケーション能力が高いということでした。 ハサンさんの働き方や性格は日本の企業文化によく合っていると思います。 彼は日本語を話せませんが、日本のビジネス文化について非常に良い常識を持っていると思います。 彼は間違いなく信頼できるので、近い将来一緒に仕事をするつもりです。 彼と一緒に仕事をしたい人がいたら、ハサンさんを強くお勧めします。

Emdad HOQ / Executive Search Firm

Discover Excellence Through Partnership

At Shadhin Lab, we invite you to embark on a journey of excellence with us. With a legacy built on accomplishments, we've earned our reputation as a dependable industry partner. Our commitment to your success is unwavering.

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  • Successfully delivered 25+ projects in different industries.
  • Fervent about AWS serverless.
  • A group of experts and seasoned AWS certified professionals.
  • AWS partner and BASIS membership.

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