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Shadhin Lab Learning Management System For CodersTrust Empowering Aspiring Coders

CodersTrust Bangladesh is a global organization that provides coding education and training to individuals seeking to develop their programming skills and pursue careers in the tech industry. As part of their commitment to empowering aspiring coders, CodersTrust recognized the need for a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) that would enable effective online learning experiences for their students. To address this challenge, they partnered with Shadhin Lab LLC, a leading software development company.



CodersTrust aimed to create an advanced LMS platform that would offer a seamless learning experience, providing students with access to high-quality coding courses, interactive materials, and personalized learning paths. The goal was to empower aspiring coders from diverse backgrounds to acquire in-demand skills and enhance their career prospects in the tech industry.


Solution | Architecture & Services


Shadhin Lab LLC collaborated closely with CodersTrust to develop a cutting-edge Learning Management System tailored to their specific requirements. The solution encompassed a wide range of features, including course management, content delivery, student progress tracking, and interactive assessments. The platform was built using modern technologies and best practices to ensure scalability, performance, and security.


To enable seamless content delivery, the LMS is integrated with various learning resources, including video tutorials, interactive coding exercises, and online assessments. It also incorporated social learning features, such as discussion forums and peer collaboration tools, to foster a sense of community and facilitate knowledge sharing among students.


App Flow Logic Data Flow
User Registration User Authentication User Registration Data -> Backend System -> Database
Course Enrollment Course Enrollment Validation Course Enrollment Data -> Backend System -> Database
Learning Material Access Access Control Learning Material Data -> Frontend <-> Backend System
Progress Tracking Progress Calculation and Tracking Progress Data -> Frontend <-> Backend System
Instructor Interaction Communication and Feedback Instructor Data -> Frontend <-> Backend System
Assessment and Grading Assessment Workflow Assessment Data -> Frontend <-> Backend System
Analytics and Reporting Analytics and Reporting Logic Data Analytics -> Backend System -> Frontend



The implementation of CodersTrust’s Learning Management System had a significant impact on the organization and its students. The platform provided an intuitive and engaging learning experience, allowing students to access high-quality coding courses and resources at their convenience. The personalized learning paths and progress-tracking features helped students stay motivated and achieve their learning goals effectively.


The LMS facilitated efficient course management for CodersTrust, enabling them to easily create, update, and deliver new content to their students. The platform’s interactive assessments and feedback mechanisms allowed instructors to assess student performance accurately and provide personalized guidance.


As a result of the LMS implementation, CodersTrust experienced an increase in student enrollment and engagement. The platform’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities provided valuable insights into student progress and performance, enabling continuous improvement of the learning experience.


CodersTrust Learning Management System has transformed our approach to coding education. With advanced capabilities like AI and machine learning, we empower aspiring coders to reach their full potential. The unified data and reliable insights enable us to make data-driven decisions for effective learning outcomes. CodersTrust has streamlined our business practices, leading to increased profitability and student success.

CEO, CodersTrust


AWS Services Used


CodersTrust’s Learning Management System was developed using a range of serverless AWS services. AWS Lambda provided scalable computing resources for optimal performance and responsiveness. Amazon S3 served as secure and reliable storage for course materials and student data. DynamoDB, a serverless NoSQL database, managed student profiles and course progress. To ensure fast content delivery, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon API Gateway were utilized, while Amazon Route 53 managed domain routing. The serverless approach empowered CodersTrust to scale effortlessly and meet the demands of its global student community.

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