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Well-Architected Review (Complimentary)


The AWS Well-Architected Framework encapsulates key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for the design and operation of workloads in the cloud. Crafted by AWS Solution Architects with extensive experience across diverse business verticals, these principles have been distilled from designing and reviewing thousands of architectures on AWS.

The Six Pillars:

Operational Excellence:

Focuses on running and monitoring systems, continually improving processes and procedures, and automating changes.


Concentrates on protecting information and systems, covering data confidentiality and integrity, user permissions management, and detecting security events.


Concentrates on ensuring workloads perform as intended and recover quickly from failure, addressing distributed system design and recovery planning.

Performance Efficiency:

Focuses on structured and streamlined allocation of cloud resources, including rightsizing, optimal resource types, and performance monitoring.

Cost Optimization:

Targets the avoidance of unnecessary costs through understanding and controlling cloud spend, selecting the right resources, and scaling without overspending.


Focuses on minimizing environmental impacts through a shared responsibility model, understanding impact, and maximizing utilization to minimize resource requirements.

Well-Architected Reviews (WARs):

WARs rely on the six Framework pillars to identify best practice gaps and appropriate remediation. They help uncover unknown issues, hidden architectural debt, and keep pace with AWS platform innovation. Advised for high-priority workloads, they provide actionable guidance and benefits, including:

Engagement with certified experts:

Receive reliable guidance based on the latest AWS architecture best practices.

Analysis and remediation:

Address pressing concerns and uncover potential issues.

Security and compliance:

Identify and address risks.

Cost optimization:

Optimize cloud costs through rightsizing and fine-tuning resources.

Continuous improvement:

Leverage the latest AWS innovations for ongoing solution enhancement.

Alignment between technical and business objectives:

Achieve better alignment through collaborative engagement with key stakeholders from various groups.

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